Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - my best year yet

OK – this has been a very interesting/challenging/emotional/exciting year! It’s hard to know where to begin. Most everything that has happened this year centers around or is the result of my efforts to (A) lose 200 lbs in less then a year and (B) create a documentary film (my first) about the weight loss.

I guess I will start with the weight loss:
In March of this year I weighed 367.8 pounds, today I weighed in at 225.6 pounds, I’ve lost 142.2 pounds in a little over 9 months. No surgery / no drugs. My pants / waist size has dropped from a 54 to a 36. I was doing very little if any exercise - I’m now running 6+ miles a day (seven days a week).

The film:
I have acquired professional video and sound equipment to be able to shoot 24fps in HI-DEF. I’ve shot about 50 hours of digital film. I have scanned/collected/or shot nearly 2000 still shots (with Sarah’s help). I have plans for a dozen or more additional shoots/interviews/animation sequences. I have acquired music that I can and may use. I have established a relationship with a fantastic concert pianist to trade music for album cover and liner design. I’m approaching the worlds top musicians for music – big songs (I might be dreaming here, but I will know what the process is and at the least it will be a great experience in trying). I’m going to be getting a new editing system in January.

My goal is to make my first film, will it be any good? (it’d be nice if it was), but it’s tough work – it’s incredibly complicated, it’s my first try. I will do everything within my power to make it GREAT. But my goal is simply to make it. It’s challenge enough to lose weight, it’s been hard and time consuming and once I start editing it will only get tougher. But the film demands and the pressure of deadlines and the time involved promoting the film – bloging on the film / building a supportive site / all part of the game and also so much of the incentive that has helped me lose the weight. The two work together.

No weight loss – no film. No film – no weight loss. Art saves the artist - I think.

Surprises for 2008?
I’m surprised that I will have 40 lbs of excess skin (this will require surgery)

Hitting my first plateau – the first 120 pounds dropped like magic – almost exactly 5 pounds a week, for 6 months straight. The last 20 have been a battle! The next 20 will be too.

Complete strangers coming up to me to say I was inspiring them.

Complete strangers noticing my weight dropping.

How hard it is for me to talk in front of a camera.

How much social networking has added to my life.

Thanks for making 2008 my best year yet:
First to my family, my wife Kelli – (also an artist) working on dolls for a potential stop-frame animation sequence. I’m sorry for all the time away – hopefully this will change soon enough. My daughter Paige who I’m teaching to shoot – she’s done quite well, I can’t shoot myself. She’s a great actor herself and writer and artist. My daughter Sarah who has been shooting most of the stills. Sarah your work behind the camera is almost as stunning as when you are in front of the camera ☺. Max my son who is the “grip”, great work Max. To my Mom! She will surely get a Producers Credit. She’s funded a lot of the equipment thus far. Mom – that means if the film wins an Oscar for best documentary, you get the Oscar! Don’t hold your breath.

In setting up the whole deal – I have entered into the world of bloging and social networking. I did this as a part of the standard stuff you do to try to create hype for any film project. It’s my first time doing this sort of stuff. I’ve met some amazing people. I hesitate to call anyone out because so many have had such a profound positive effect on me. So much so that at the risk of offending all others (not my intent) I have to talk about three individuals.

First from Experience Project my friend BrokenBiscuit. You are an incredibly strong woman and I hope and pray that 2009 brings many blessings to you, I really appreciate your time and opinions and most of all I appreciate your dedication to your three sons. I’d pray for a blessing on them too but they already got that with you.

Star26 from Experience Project. You represent something rather incredible (even on a site like EP). You have walked through too many shadows and valleys for one so young. Your resolve to forgive others, to move forward in life, to keep a good attitude are all amazing. You have brought great perspective to my life in 2008. AND Snow Patrol! Thanks – Chasing Cars will forever bring you to my mind. One line in particular for which you set an example for us all - “I need your Grace to remind me to find my own”

And Jarka from Opera. The internet is full of so much junk, but as long as you are out there, going out of your way to be kind, bringing cheer and happiness, poetry, art, profound thoughts, photos of your adventures and your faith in Him – there will be some balance. Your friendship, kindness, encouragement and inspiration have been an important part of my 2008!

Thanks to all my friends for all the encouragement – and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

I weighed 225.6 today.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

missed blogging yesterday

When I came back in to blog last night the power in the building was out. I'm doing a quick blog this morning and will blog again tonight. I weighed 231.4 after the run last night and the same after this mornings run. I really want to be down into the 220's by the end of this year (just 2 days away) so I'm going to tighten up on the calories and increase the pace (may even do nine mile a day runs) for the next two days. I will not be able to run again on Thursday as the workout facility will be closed on News Years day. More blog to come tonight.

Part 2:

Well I got through a full 6 mile 2nd run. Glad that's over - I don't think I have another in me for tomorrow but that's how I felt after the first one last time. Actually I really hope it will not be needed. My weight is actually good right now. 227.6. It's late already and we have a car that isn't starting waiting for me to work on when I get home - it all adds up to a busy full night with less opportunity to over-eat. I'm glad about that.

I told Kelli today that I really wanted to be in the 220's before the end of the day tomorrow (the end of 2008). She told me it didn't matter that much. She wasn't saying that my goals didn't mean anything to her - rather that it wasn't a big deal - if I didn't make it. Not to worry about it. I NEED THIS THOUGH. Right now I'm down 140. 2 pounds from where I started. Tomorrow I hope to be the same or less. I can't really explain it - just have to be there.

I've been thinking a lot lately about my blog for tomorrow (for better then a week now), it's going to be a sumation of one of the greatest years of my life. 2008. It'll be an interesting day to view blogs! Not just mine (but mostly mine ! )

I weighed 227.6 today.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

not easy

Really feeling sick today - lost my sense of taste yesterday (that's a good thing I think). I'm taking a lot of Zicam to ward off the bad effects of the cold. For me these things typically result in painful sore throats and then coughing really hard for weeks. The Zicam really helps to eliminate that part of the cold for me. It tastes "not so good" - so not being able to taste it is a good thing. Also the lack of an ability to taste may also result in my not wanting to eat so much :) .

I wasn't sure I'd be be able to run the full hour run but got through it. Sore and aching all over, but not so bad.

I weighed 231.8 today.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back from the run

Got through the run - just want to head home and paint some more. It was hard today as I'm getting a serious cold. Nothing felt right, must be the cold. I need to go shoot my progress photos now.

I weighed 234.6 today

Friday, December 26, 2008

didn't do well

All the positive thinking about getting through Christmas day without over-eating did little good. Not being able to run didn't help either. The weather went really bad yesterday (still bad today). We have a freezing ran - I still made it in, just could not miss the run again. Felt great to do the run - 6 miles all at once. Will do the same tomorrow and Sunday too.

Painted yesterday (a lot) THAT WAS GREAT! and will do more today. I will play with my new xBox 360 too! Nice having a little time off.

I weighed 236.8 today.

Here's a new poem (quite the struggle this one).

remorse for ONE last dance

an old horse-pulled plow sits turning to rust
it’s a three row Hollman cultivator circa 1932
it lies in a field it once sowed
a man of 72 years
drove it there in 1957 with a horse named China

he laid down 3 feet behind the plow
his heart could carry him no more
but he didn’t die alone
the horse who pulled the plow was there
she was 33 – too old to pull - born in 1924
the man lived alone for the last 53 years
the horse lived 5 more days harnessed to that plow

the mans grand daughter died in 1993
it was she who found him there,
his body covered in dew
the horses body too
she’s the one who held the bible
when they buried him
just a hundred twenty yards away
a top a hill
the horse was buried where she fell

what his hand found to do
he did with all his strength
where his heart would have gone
he never went
neighbors and family said of him he spent his days alone
never recovered from the grief of love lost so long ago

nothing could be further form the truth
he danced with her a thousand times in his mind
a thousand more across his floor
it was true love he had found
and though it ended way to soon
she died in 1904 – he buried her when she was just 18
it was for him enough – he was fulfilled though others never knew

the nagge died giving birth to China
this made the man love that horse all the more
he weaned it himself neglecting the crops in 1924
it survived as did his only child
both would thrive

a life lived 72 years will have regrets
when he lay on the ground he had his share
he wished he had written his grand kids back
he wished he’d taken more invites to visit with his son
he wished he’d not burned her photos in the first few days of grief
he wished he’d danced with her every night before she died

as he passed he felt just ONE remorse
that he could not stand once more, walk nine feet
and take the harness off his horse

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

dropping fast

Well this has happened before so I'm not surprised, after the run I weighed in at 230.0. Almost back to the 220's. I'm going to stay with the 600 or less today - maybe for sometime - who knows. It's working again. I've had a 9 pound plus loss in just 2 days time. It's all temporary water gain (in this case loss).

I may or may not blog tomorrow - I know I will not be able to run because the center will be closed.

Merry Christmas!

I weighed 230.0 today.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

dropping again

The weights dropping quickly again I've just got to keep with the calorie restrictions and running. Not much time to blog - got a little Christmas shopping to tonight.

I weighed 234.6

Monday, December 22, 2008

holiday coming

The holidays are upon us. The Abraham Center (where I workout) will be closed three days between now and New Years. This is going to make it rough. It's a good thing I'm going liquids only. Had a good day so far in that regard. Will have one drink tonight (I hope) and nothing more and will be under 600 calories for the day. I will not be partaking in any Christmas or New Years meals. I'm totally OK with that. Just so close to the end now I don't want to blow it. Especially critical since I can't workout three days. May go hiking on our land - maybe do some photography. Hopefully with some time off I'll get my site caught up also.

Lot's of work to catch up on tonight - oh well.

I weighed 239.4 today.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

weight up again!

My weight continues to go slowly up - got to really get this turned around this week. I'm going to go liquids only again - I should say I'm going to TRY to do the liquids only. We'll see how that goes.

I weighed 239.4 today

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm tired

Did the 1 hour/6 mile run pretty easily. I probably need to start to press for more MPH. Going to do a little Christmas shopping today. I know it's early, but I'm not one to put these things off till the last minute. Thought I'd have a new poem - but it's been nothing but a struggle. I'm really counting on starting a new painting today. The snow is coming down again, pretty heavy. I only got about half the drive done last night - I guess one of my neighbors came by with a plow this morning and finished what I had not - THANKS!

I'm tired - just everything I guess.

I weighed 235.4 today.

Friday, December 19, 2008

still so busy

Just a quick blog - I had hope to leave early so I could shovel snow and have been twice hit with new work (work - work). I just finished my run and will head home and attempt to hand shovel 10,000 pounds of snow. i had an interesting meal today. a jar of olives and a pack of Necco's! Just add a once a day supplement to any meal and you have your nutrition for the day covered!

I weighed 234.4 today.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just so busy working on the site today/tonight no time to blog!

I weighed 235.3 today

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

tried again - no way

As has been the case the last few days the weight keeps going up. Tried to do 9 again but just couldn't. Not sweating it.

I weighed 235.4 today.

Okay - one more poem then i'll need to write more - this one's deep;

dilly dally did the fish
for forty winks it was his wish
but God so wise
gave no lids his eyes
now insomnia's his dish

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another 9 miles

I really don't think I'm quite ready to be running this much - but for some reason the weight drop slowed (actually it started going up???) the only thing keeping it from going out of control is the longer runs. Oh well. Right now it feels good, my feet hurt just a bit more then typical.

I weighed 230.8 today.

Monday, December 15, 2008

9 miles today and a poem

The weights been acting odd. Who can figure these things out. I went ahead and ran a full hour tonight. That's plus the 3+ miles this morning. This might actually be doable long term - nine miles a day. There are people who do that. It takes too much time though is the problem. There's way too much stress already time wise.

Another poem? Oh well here goes:

angel of my waking dreams

come stand near me
i want to breathe you in
place your hand in mine
and i will hold the universe

whisper you love me
and i will fold, doubled over, dropping to my knees
i will collapse to the floor

true love will we ever meet?
will our paths ever cross?
our lives intwine? hatch our plans our schemes?

come stand near me
i want to breathe you in
angel of my waking dreams

I weighed 231.8 today.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Part 2 on SEMVA - Magic

Our gallery is located right downtown in Rochester Minnesota. It’s in what people call the “Peace Plaza”. It’s a large courtyard surrounded by many shops and one of the most unusual Barnes and Nobles book stores which is housed in an old movie theater. This summer was marked by the completion of a major renovation project to the courtyard itself. That night there was a good deal of commotion surrounding the reinstallation of a fountain that was taken down at the start of the renovation and was being reinstalled (this time it was moved right in front of our gallery!).

An elderly woman rode into our shop on one of those three wheel mobility chairs. She was dressed very “artsy” and she was so thrilled to have found SEMVA. She said she had lived here for 20 years (just a few blocks away) and never knew we were here. She looked at some of the clothing our artists make and jewelry but mostly she and I talked. She described the evening as magical. Finding our shop was a thrill for her. Our doors were open, the summer air and music moved wonderfully through the shop and there were cranes and workers and news stations outside the door attending to the reinstallation of the fountain.

I finally asked if she was an artist herself (she dressed like one) – she said no, not any more. But there was a time 30 years ago when she lived in New York City that she studied sculpture with a master. She went on and on about this gentlemen who used a 12th century technique in bronze. She was so sure that if she could only remember his name I would have heard of him. The only damper to the magic of this evening was that she appeared very stressed that her memory would simply not give up the name.

At that point the fountain installation had reached its peak. The fountain is, itself, a bronze. It has doves flying up together and the water comes out of the top. I think the term Peace Plaza may have come from this fountain. I felt it was a compassionate diversion to point her attention to the activity outside since the name wouldn’t come. I was also interested in watching the installation myself. She was very interested and said; yes I think I’ve taken up too much of your time already, thanks for the wonderful conversation (she was there for nearly an hour). She assured us she’d be coming back regularly to the gallery and she quickly joined the crowd outside the door.

There were hundreds of people filling the plaza from local news crews to diners to people there just to watch. I think that it had been down for two years or so during the renovation. With the war and all it was an emotional moment.

The artist who designed the sculpture flew in from New York City for one evening to supervise the reinstallation of the fountain. His name is Charles Gagnon it was her old instructor and she quickly met up with him. She came back into the store so excited to share his name and to let us know that he was out there and that she got to talk to him again. Pretty magical evening indeed.

I weighed 231.4 today

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Poetry killed the weight loss blog

I missed blogging at most of the places I blog yesterday because I worked at SEMVA last night. There wasn't much work to do though as no one came in! It's was so cold last night! Even in the gallery. We sit at the front by these big windows and the net result is that it's cold indoors too.

Anyway, last time I worked at SEMVA I wrote two poems. I was in the habit of bringing my art to work on while at SEMVA but it's easier to just write. I wrote two more last night. I've shared some of my poetry at, and have been encouraged by some to include it in the blog. EP has a place for poetry (and a million other things) so it fits there quite comfortably!!!

I blog on / / / / / - it's all the same copy - I'm just shamelessly trying to get as much PR for the movie as I can. I guess art is a big part of my life, and it has been a part of my blogging thus far - so I just hope that "how bad" the poetry is doesn't kill the blog! Not ready to call myself a poet yet. I was also going to share a wonderful story about something that happened at SEMVA this summer but I'll save that. So here goes any critique is certainly welcome, I'll spare you all by only sharing one of them:

Sweet you

It's sweet to dwell on you
easy to lose myself
in the thought of your smile

I want your hand
to have
to hold
I want to walk with you
in sun
in rain
To stand with you
against the winds
the tides
and time

It's so sweet to dwell on you
and to lose myself in the thought
of us together

I weighed 228.2 today

Friday, December 12, 2008

Worked at SEMVA tonight.

It 's late again, blogging from home. I had to work at SEMVA tonight, didn't have a chance to blog earlier. I hope to have a good (low calorie) weekend! It would be good just to maintain the 220's even - we will see. Two of the 6 mile runs ahead, always tough to do. It's so slow here as we only have dial-up in the country. I have been writing poetry while working at SEMVA. I was bringing in art to work on - but it's much easier to just bring a pad of paper and a pen!

I weighed 229.8 today

Thursday, December 11, 2008

nothing but extraordinary kindness

Another great day - I guess my spirits are still up. It's a lesion - someone extends you an extraordinary kindness and it can carry you and make you light on your feet, head in the clouds, etc. In the same way, being mean spirited can cause folks to suffer well after the act. I have friends my age (that's really old) who were bullied in HS and are still talking about it. Still hurting over it.

Pretty simple lesson I guess - extend extraordinary kindness and nothing but extraordinary kindness CONSTANTLY!

I weighed 228.2 today.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What an encouraging day!

Just an amazing day, in the morning when I got on the elevator a very nice lady told me she had been reading my blog and that I was an inspiration. What a nice gesture and nice to know folks are reading the blog! Then after my second run a friend and colleague here at Mayo said the exact same thing - that I was an inspiration.

But the biggest honor!
I've had the privilege of acting as a mentor to many artists and designers over the years and most are appreciative of the advice and encouragement, today my friend Jarka mentioned me in the dedication of her new/first art and poetry book.

Jarka I'm truly honored. It will be fun to watch as your talents and gifts are recognized and appreciated by the rest of the WORLD!

I will weigh 219.6 by Jan 1st.

I weighed 229.6 today.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In the 220's!!!

OK - I'm REALLY happy. I'm in the 220's again. Not sure what the deal is but the weight has really started to drop fast again. On Saturday I weighed 237.6. That's just 3 days ago. I weighed 228.6 tonight. 9 pounds - that's fair, I've had my gains too. I'm going to stop at the grocery store and buy some Kippered Snacks (canned herring), douse it in Kikkoman sauce and drink a few cups of skim milk to celebrate!!! Sound gross? Not to me! Sounds like a meal right out of a Miyazaki movie!

This is going to be a great month. I'm starting to feel that I may just make the goal of 219.6 by Jan 1, Nanette Burnstien (genius) has her documentary film American Teen coming out on the 21st, I was invited to facilities Christmas celebration as an honored guest - that's on the 17th, someone told me there'd be like a thousand people there, I have to make brief comments and then there's Christmas. Just got to keep the calories in check through out.

I will weigh 219.6 by Jan 1st.

I weighed 228.6 today.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bad weather is here

I'm here blogging but should have been on the road home hours ago. We are getting hit again with yet MORE snow, this time maybe as much as 10 inches. I drive a jeep so I'll take it easy and slow and should make it home fine. I'm worried more about getting in tomorrow. I've decided I have to be here, I have to make the run (plus I have so much work to catch-up on). The weight dropped again, I think I may actually be at a new low (if not close). I’m almost in the 220's again. That's going to be NICE! Just 3.5 pounds away!

I will weigh 219.6 by Jan 1st.

I weighed 233.4 today.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

long weekend

Back from my run late again, had a good art show over all - lots of good things will come out of it I believe. Very late, very cold out - more snow again today!!!

I will weigh 219.6 by Jan 1st.

I weighed 236.6 today.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

good day

Just got back from my run - did the 6 miles all at once - didn't have time to do a run in the morning. I spent most of the day at the art show, no sales but I really don't expect any (my stuff is way to expensive for this show). What was really great was having the entire day to paint! I nearly finished a large painting, will be painting again tomorrow. I was told I was being anti-social by two of the other artists. I had my headphones on and zoned out everyone and everything. There were many people who came despite more heavy snow. I just sat in the middle of the room painting.

It's really bad when artists tell you you are being anti-social! I guess that's me though!!! I don't care because the painting is coming out so good.

I will weigh 219.6 by Jan 1st.

I weighed 237.6 today.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Blogging rather late tonight - will keep it short. I did the 6 mile run again but struggled through it. Will likely do two 3.25's tomorrow instead of a sixer. Got all the show stuff done for now - need to do price tags in the early morning. Feeling very cold all night. Sat in front of a small space heater at the SEMVA Gallery all night and left my winter coat on the whole time. I think it's the lower calories are leaving me colder - it's only in the 20's tonight. I will need to start dressing in layers! Maybe I just need to cowboy up!

I will weigh 219.6 by Jan 1st.

I weighed 236.4 today

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Did the 6 miles straight again

Had a great run this morning - one of the best to date. I credit it to the fact that I kept my stocking cap on. I used it to position my iPod headphones in such a way that they were way louder. Helps a lot to have the music up so you here less of the treadmill and the other people around you. I'm at work today only long enough to blog and send a few e-mails out. Then it's home to paint and figure out what all I'm bringing to the art show.

I wrote this poem about the color red and I'm planing to "paint it". The panels will be quite large 4 feet by 4 feet each and I'll need 8 of them to do the entire poem. I think I may bring those to work on at the show. I always like to be getting something done at these show if at all possible.

I ran the 6 miles in one one hour session again today so I wouldn't need to come back later. I may do that again tomorrow, I know I'll do it on Saturday and Sunday before the art show. That will make 4 days in a row. I think that'll be good for me at this point. Hopefully being at the show all weekend will help me to control my bad habits over the weekend.

I weighed 234.4 today.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Taking tomorrow off

I decided to take two days off before the art show this weekend. We got a bunch more snow last night and through the morning. Last year during the show it was a major ice storm. Not too many people ventured out. It was still fun hanging around with the other artists. I have to finish at least one painting before Saturday and get another started to work on at the show this year.

I'll likely end up doing a 1 hour run in the morning tomorrow, maybe Friday too, well see.

I will weigh 219.6 by Jan 1st.

I weighed 237.2 today.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Very thankful

Just dawning on me the last week or so that it's Nov/Dec - back in March when I started and even more so in April when the weight started dropping consistently, I would calculate that by December I'd be done. Back then or at the start of any diet it's easy to think this way. Just need to stay the course I'm on and by this or that date I'll be thin again. Thing is though, for me, I have had these "crystal ball visions" hundreds of times, typically I'd go a week or two and fail, often only a day or two and fail, one time four years ago I went three and half months and lost 85 lbs only to fail and gain it all back.

I'm not thin yet (I have 70 lbs to lose) but it's a done deal at this point. No going back. In theory 40 lbs is excess skin (surgery will take that away), about 30 lbs to lose 20 of that will be gone this month. I'm thankful to be at this point. It's not just the weight loss or the exercise routine I'm maintaining, I've simply reached a point of no return.

To anyone wanting to lose weight I wish this upon you with all my heart!

I will weigh 219.6 by Jan 1st.

I weighed 237.5 today.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dec 1st is here!

Well I guess posting the goal in every blog doesn't guarantee you'll make the goal - oh well. I'm at 239.6 today. 10 lbs. down for the month not 20. I got a late start (my own fault) and I'm thankful to be in the 230's at this point. I am going to give myself another 20 lb goal for Jan 1.

Now I need to focus on an art show coming up this weekend. It'll be my third year in row for this one. Should be fun, don't expect much in the way of sales though with the economy as is.

I will weigh 219.6 by Jan 1st.

I weighed 239.6 today.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The down200 documentary

I will soon start editing some of the footage I've shot for the film. Much to shoot yet. I'd love to get a little of the footage compressed and prepped for my site in advance of the judging for the SXSW interactive comp. We'll see on that. In the meanwhile I thought I'd share a few of my favorite documentaries. If you have Netflix these are all available there, if you don't have it GET IT, or else how will you see all these great documentaries I'm recommending?

American Teen
– this is by my favorite documentary filmmaker NANETTE BURSTEIN. I saw this at SXSW film festival last year and it is great! It doesn't come out on DVD until Dec. 21, but get it in your QUE and move it to the top. It's BRILLIANT!

The Kid Stays in the Picture
– Seriously, this is not only the best documentary EVER made it's one of the most inspiring and interesting films ever made! It's about Hollywood producer Robert Evans also from NANETTE BURSTEIN.

Deliver Us from Evil
– Hard to watch but very powerful film about the life of 30-year pedophile Father Oliver O'Grady. The film exposes the corruption inside the Catholic Church that allowed him to abuse countless children. From filmmaker AMY BERG.

The Bridge
– Also a little hard to watch, ERIC STEEL filmed and then followed up with friends and family on a number of suicides, the Golden Gate bridge is the number one suicide destination in the world. Surprisingly the film includes an interview with a young man who survived the attempt.

Confessions of a Superhero
– Amazing and touching story about a few of the wannabe stars who dress up as superheroes and pose for photos with tourists on On Hollywood Boulevard. Filmmaker MATT OGDEN.

Power Trip
– Nice to see an American for profit company with a social conscience. At least it's CEO had a conscience. Amazing to watch as this American company attempts to run a business in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
– Touching story about a wild flock of parrots and the homeless man who adopts them.

Always a Bridesmaid
– A personal story about filmmaker NINA DAVENPORTS pending 30th birthday and her noncommittal boyfriend. Great storytelling - very humorous and sensitive.

Word Wars
– We've all played Scrabble - these folks take it quite seriously - most making a living at it. Wild!!!

Touching the Void
– If you have ever thought about trying mountain climbing DO NOT WATCH this film. Two young men go through an unbelievable ordeal and some how survive. Great documentary.

Lost in La Mancha
– This film documents the failed attempt of Terry Gilliam to make a movie about Don Quixote. Johnny Depp was to be in this ill fated project - the film appears to have been cursed. The documentary about the failed attempt is GREAT.

Anyway give these a try and I'm sure I'll recommend more in the future!

I weighed 237.6 today

Saturday, November 29, 2008

SXSW Interactive Competition

I've got to get out of hear as quickly as I can today. I've got so much to do. I need to get my down200 website up-to-date because I'm going to enter it in the SXSW Interactive competition. I'm so behind on prepping the progress photos and other aspects. Not sure how much chance I have in the contest but getting in would be good PUB for the movie itself getting in a year later.


I weighed 239.8 today

Friday, November 28, 2008

Up 5 pounds

Wow, actually thought I did pretty good cutting back yesterday and still gained 6 pounds. I didn't exercise yesterday so maybe that has more impact then I realize. The gym was closed for t-day. I did run this morning - 6 miles. It went well, went swimming after. I'm seriously considering fasting for the next three days. Got a lot to do in preparing for the coming art show so not much time to blog today.


I weighed 241.8 today

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm blogging from home with this practically useless dial-up service. It's slowwwww. I did good yesterday calorie wise. I had a small salad at home, a package of sourdough butter nibs (pretzels) from the vending machine at work - 80 calories and one package of Neccos - 220 calories. The salad was probably under 300 (I put some pepperoni in it).

Neccos :)

This morning I boiled a bag of baby carrots and addded some cajun spice - 175 calories total. I'm planning to only have some lettuce and turkey later today. Hope to save some stuffing for after the weigh-in on Monday. Feel bad about not running today, but tomorrow I will be doing the 6-mile straight run - three days in a row. I may blog several times today to keep track of what I'm eating.


Happy turkey day.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

not sure i'll make it

Earlier this month I gave myself the goal of losing 20 pounds by Dec 1st. I just needed to do that because I had hit a plateau and lost very little over many weeks. I weighed 236.8 today, this means I'm exactly 7 pounds away from the goal with just 5 days left. The challenge at this point (besides losing 7 in 5) is that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the gym is closed, food o plenty and this is followed by a weekend (my achilleas heal). For those who have commented that I beat myself up too much - I promise I will not beat myself up if I don't make the goal. I'm still going to try, because with the long weekend ahead I could easily gain a whole lot of weight. I just can't allow that to happen.


I weighed 236.8 today.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

quick blog I'm sure

So much to do - but the run keeps coming first. Have a nature art show first weekend in December. Lot's of prep - trying to finish a couple of new paintings for that.


I weighed 238.6 today.

Monday, November 24, 2008

239.5 Not bad

Weekends have been such a challenge for me. All things considered I did pretty good this weekend, happy just to still be in the 230's even if barely so. I feel confident I'll see some quick dropping this week. Unfortunately Thursday is Thanksgiving and the gym is closed. I'm looking forward to a day off, but being at home just presents more temptations to over-eat. I have so much work to get done though too.

I reached a bit of a new level on the run. Today I ran 6.53 miles. First time over 6 and half miles!


I weighed 239.5 today.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another run down

Got thru the 6 miler. Today is critical for making the interim goal of 229.2 I set earlier this month. If I can keep control today then next week should go well. The lower calories definitely make the running harder, I can feel the difference. Doesn't matter - I feel like if I can get thru the ned of the month and make the goal I'm in the home stretch of phase 1 here.


I weighed 237.4 today

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Art in the clinic

Today when I arrived at the gym I realized that I had forgot to bring my iPod (even though I had stopped at the office first). It's so cold out I decided to walk back to get it rather then drive. I figured the walk would do me good prior to the hour long run. A little warm up. My office is pretty far from the work out facility and the clinic has an intricate series of underground tunnels collectively referred to as the subway. It's an amazing institution and I'm constantly thankful to be a part of the effort. We're pretty much closed on the weekends and it's ungodly quiet. You walk under probably 10-12 different buildings as you go. Some floors are carpeted some are marble. And most every where you go are works of art. I pass at least 12-14 Andy Warhol pieces, Joan MirĂ³ paintings, sculpture by Auguste Rodin and dozens of others. I go a little out of my way to walk underneath a Dale Chihuly blown glass installation. It has thousands of pieces of glass weighing thousands of pounds. It's suspended about 30-40 feet above where I walk. It would be a shame to lose such a beautiful piece of art but were it to fall, what a poetic way to die, I'm pretty sure you'd bleed to death quite quickly. My daughter told me once that she wanted to die via a bear attack - I think I will choose to be crushed and severed by a Chihuly.

The best part of the walk though was when I was nearly back to my office I ran into one of the clerks from one of my favorite shops in the subway, she was just opening up. She stopped me to say how amazing my weight loss has been, she wanted to know how I was doing it so she could inform a family member. As we parted she then said - and you look so much younger now too - that made my day.


I weighed 236.6 today

Friday, November 21, 2008

In the 230's

Late blog - I finally moved into the 230's very happy about that - got to work at SEMVA tonight - got to go.


I weighed 238.6 today

Thursday, November 20, 2008

230's by tomorrow?

I may just slip into the 230's tomorrow. I guess there still a chance I may make the 229.2 goal by Dec 1, I haven't given up on that yet, but it'll be close. I ran 6.35 miles today - I keep pushing the MPH's. It's been a long time since I weighed in the 230's to long to mention.


I weighed 240.6 today.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Apple??? Why???

I was such a big fan of the iPod and Apple, I thought at one point I might discuss them in a very positive way. I will be editing my film on a Mac - buying Final Cut Pro to edit with and most of all exercising with my iPod Shuffle was great. I made the mistake of putting my iPod thru the wash and even though it came back to life initially it eventually died. I then purchased a new one that died within just a week or two (no washing) and then 4 more of them, same scenario. Going back to Best Buy and returning the iPod was enough of a hassle, but what’s really bad is that Apple has lower (capped) the volume on the Shuffle. I'm guessing to protect our ears, maybe they were regulated into it - but at this point while I'm on the treadmill I can barely hear the music/lyrics. There’s fixes for this issue on all the iPods except the shuffle.

Well – the 12 pound gain I realized on Monday is almost gone as quick as it came – easy come easy go I guess (water weight like I thought).


I weighed 243.2 today.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Health Risk Assessment

I took my employers HRA a few days ago. The division I work for actually creates/manages/supports this. I thought that maybe by choosing the goal weight of 167.5 I had perhaps set my sights too low. I've heard that if you are a body builder then these sort of test become quite invalid. Too much muscle weight for your height. I'm not a body builder though and was quite surprised to find that according to the HRA my weight needs to be between 125 - 170. My goal barely makes the range and here I thought I wasn't being realistic. I would love to weigh 125 again, maybe this should be called down 250.


I weighed 250.1 today.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I decided to take a day off yesterday and that was a big mistake. After Saturday's run I was down to 242.8 a new low for me throughout the entire diet so far. I thought that I might actually have a shot at making my monthly goal. Forgot my workout clothes and took off yesterday. Didn't pay attention to calories yesterday (even bigger mistake) and today I weighed 255.4. I gained 12.6 pounds. That's by far the largest gain from one weigh-in to the next. Oh well - very depressing, I know much of it is water weight gain, will attack it hard this week.


I weighed 255.6 today.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Messed up!

The roads were very slick this morning, my jeep was fishtailing a couple times so I had to take it fairly slow. Was looking forward to a second 6 mile run and even got lucky with the last remaining parking spot on the street. It took about 40 minutes to get in. I then realized that I didn't grab my work out clothes. No way I'm driving back and then back again on these roads today. I have a couple of options - I could take the day off relative to the run, though I hate to miss it. This might even allow me the time to silo and update some of my progress photos. I could go and buy some new workout clothes. I do need them desperately - the shorts and jackets I run in are from when I weighed 370, they are so loose now that they wave back and forth while I run. But the stores don't open for another 2 hours. Or I could just go sit in the sauna for awhile and head home.


If I run later maybe I'll update this blog with a weigh-in amount.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good day

Got in my full 6 mile run in one session, drank nearly an entire gallon of skim milk (my sole calories for the day), dropped to 242.8 (a new low), and got my ear pierced.


I weighed 242.8 today.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A little drop

It's been an interesting past two months - it's been nearly that long since I've seen my weight drop. I've stayed with the program and have no intent of stopping. I've continued with the 6 mile a day run routine, it's a constant in my life right now. I see myself still running (perhaps more then that) a year from now when the film (in theory) comes out. I have to have lost weight by then. Wouldn't you think? I checked on my records I've now been running 7 days a week for 241 days straight. Some of that was for 3 miles and some for 6. Jst got to keep it up - not sure what else to do.


I weighed 245.2 today.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

crashed and burned again

Last night's run did not go well at all. I only got in two miles or so and had to walk the rest. I never have trouble breathing (out of breath) or leg soreness anymore, no more side pains but what has happened from time to time is just an over-all weak feeling. Not just a little weak, but like about to collapse. I cut out a good deal of the sodium yesterday, maybe that had an effect. Anyway this morning's run was reasonably good again.


I weighed 247.8 today.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Blank

Just a brief bit of time to blog. It's funny keeping at a blog like this - sometimes there is just so much to talk about and other times it can be a complete blank. Today it's blank!


I weighed 247.2 today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vanilla covered raisins

Interesting diet yesterday. I had a bag of light butter popcorn (330 calories), a kit kat crisp bar (240 calories) - should have stopped there (that was the plan) but when I got home I had a salad and vanilla covered raisins and a multi vitamin. I'm not even sure where the total calories ended up (I wasn't tracking the raisins). Self-control to maintain the 600 hundred or less goal is just proving really tough. Today will hopefully be the day I get it done.


I weighed 248.0 today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend fluctuations

I'm happy that I'm able to do the weekend runs all in one longer 1 hour segment. Long term I don't think I can keep up the demands of two workouts. By the time I reach a maintenance phase I see myself getting up at 4:30AM instead of 5:00AM and just doing a single daily workout. But for now the single weekend run is resulting in about 2-3 pounds of additional water weight loss. Makes the weigh-ins a little out of whack- oh well.


I weighed 249.4 today.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm really surprised - I thought after running the 6 miles straight last Sat. and not being able to complete it last Sunday, that I'd need to take today off, instead I did it again. I ran the entire 6 miles in one hour and actually a little faster. I ran 6.03 miles in one hour both last Saturday and yesterday and today I did 6.07 in one hour. Anyway - I'm quite surprised and pleased. I hit the pool for a cool down right after, so nice!


I weighed 244.8 today.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Feelin' good

I completed the 6 mile straight run again today. Feel much better afterwards today then I did last Saturday. The running just keeps getting easier. Also have improved my calorie restriction effort and the weight is dropping.


I weighed 244.8 today.

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's late

Better late then never - I did good yesterday and OK today. The cross country banquet and potluck (just got back from that) found me over-eating. Hopefully, I won't be hurt too much by that. I weighed in at 248.6 after the morning run and 246.6 after the second. Officially, I'll count the first run weigh in. We'll see where I am in morning - one 1 hour six mile run in the morning. Not looking forward to that but hope to get through it.


I weighed 248.6 today.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's not easy

I'm determined to get the weight dropping again, but cutting the calories back (to the levels of just two months ago) is prooving very difficult. I know that the additional exercise and the additional calories (I added 400 calories at my doctors suggestion) have been beneficial over-all, I'm feeling great, the leg cramps have all but gone away, my rate on the treadmill is climbing fast, loosing inches, etc. but the weight loss has truly flat-lined.

I'm burning nearly 1300 calories daily with the running alone, just need to get the calories down again (maybe 600-800) and I know the weight will start dropping too. It's just that the exercise is causing such a craving/need for more calories. Just need to make it happen - got to get through this starting today because the month is moving by quick already.


I weighed 250.0 today.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Taking Sunday off

I'm thinking about taking Sunday off to do some shooting and also to replace a part in the snow blower. The shooting sounds like fun - I want to try the cooking demo idea out, replacing the part in the snow blower doesn't sound like much fun. Last Saturdays full hour 6 mile run was so devastating to the muscles in my legs that I was barely able to run for even 20 minutes on the Sunday after. By Monday though I was feeling great! I've been easily over 6 miles total (even if over 2 runs) everyday this week.


I weighed 249.2 today.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Got to have a plan

I have about four and half months left to make my goal of losing 200 lbs. in less then a year. The last couple of months have been a disappointment with respect to the weight loss, but I have had far more positive commits about how I'm looking so I guess that's good. The increased calories were suppose to add muscle. In theory I may not have lost as much weight - but may actually be thinner. I need to take measurements again. I have not done that in about 6 weeks. I do have a pair of 42 jeans that were tight a few weeks ago and are now too lose. I got into a pair of 38's this weekend. They are just a tad too tight wear yet, but it felt great putting them on, they zipped up.

Anyway with just four and half months left and roughly 80 lbs. to go I need to get a plan and stick to it. I NEED TO REALLY PUT THE PRESSURE ON MYSELF AGAIN! According to my doctor I have 40 lbs. of excess skin which will need to be removed surgically, that means 40 more pounds to lose the old fashioned way. If I were to lose 10 per month (half the rate I had been doing) that would do it. I think I'd rather start by attempting to lose 20 in November. That's the plan then - 20 in November.


I weighed 249.2 today.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Great, great run.

I just had the best run of my recent crazy losing weight and exercising life. For two reasons: First since it's the weekend and I want to do the running in one session (weekdays I run in the morning and evenings) it's been very difficult. I try to run for a full hour straight. Generally I've stopped for a drink of water or I've slowed the pace, tied my shoe - etc. But today for the first time I actually paced the speed so that I could get in 6+ miles in less then an hour - and I made it. That means I ran at a nine minute and something per mile pace - for a full hour, no stopping. My thighs are hurting and I know I will not be able to repeat the feat tomorrow but that's OK.

Secondly, while the chances of the documentary film getting seen are slim and the chances of me getting sponsorship are slim and the chances of me making money off this whole project is slim, even so while running I decided that I do not want to profit form this. I especially don't want my weight loss to define me for the rest of my life (as it has with Jared). So I've decided that any and all monies (should there be any) will go to the setting up and creation of a non profit org dedicated to providing funds to people who have lost a good deal of weight and who now find themselves disfigured due to the excess skin. More to come on that as I figure out all that goes into something like that. Since I've been dropping weight so rapidily, since I have about 40lbs of skin to lose myself (via surgery) and since several people have commented on this very issue to me - it seems like a good idea.

Congrats to Kayla Woltz - I blogged about her a week or so ago. She won the sectional (she's not even in HS yet) and today she came in second place in the state competition!

I weighed 249.4 today.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Not much time this morning

I have quite a busy day ahead - got to build a quick book map for a book we are releasing to the printer today, fix a couple posters and if at all possible get the time reports for my team at least started today.

I weighed 250.2 today.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Start staying late again

I really need to get some parts of my site updated, I just need to start staying up later. The second run seems to take the life out me after what have been very long days - just need to suck it up. I'd probably do well to do some of the needed work here at work, just to avoid over-eating temptations at home.

I saw a really good documentary the night before last called the "King of Kong". It's about the world of classic arcade game play and the chase for the highest scores. It focuses on Donkey Kong. Outstanding documentary. I can relate some aspects of what I'm planning to do with my own film to how they approached their subject.

I weighed 249.6 today

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Silver Lake Gym closed

It's pretty sad the gym has been shut down. I guess the fire department needed the space. That gym has been there for 70 years. I don't know if it will reopen elsewhere. I guess we'll see.

I've really been pushing my runs. I'm averaging more then 6 miles a day now. I've realized that I'm just not nearly as winded as I use to be so I'm increasing the pace. So far it's feeling good - and I've still not reached the point of being too winded. The weight to miles run continues to increase the calories burned. This continues to surprise me. I'm now burning close to 1200 calories a day with the runs alone. If I do get the surgery to remove excess skin (and lose 40 overnight) - then I'm pretty sure I'll see the calories burned drop quickly. That'll be a nice problem to have.

I weighed 248.6 today.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Silver Lake Gym

I stopped by the boxing gym last night to see exactly what the hours/days were. It appears to have shut down. I'm so disappointed. All the signage is gone. This has been a plan of mine and even a goal for sometime now. There is another boxing club in town, I may look into that, it's just I was so comfortable with the other one. It had the look and feel of the small club in the first Rocky movie. It was in the basement of a small fire department near Silver Lake. Oh well - I'll look into it today.

I weighed 251.6 today.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weight up and down

I need to really get consistent with the calories this week. My weight has really been up and down quite a bit. Had a good run this morning. Got lots to do at work today so can't blog much today.

I weighed 253.4 today.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I lasted a little over 45 minutes

I had to quit early again (did last week too). Again these hour runs are tough. Not feeling to guilty though - I'm going to leave here and go cut the grass (push mower routine). It's snowing today - and windy as all heck. I think I'm going to try to cut it any way. I wish I was back to the boxing. My plan was to start again when I got under 250, but my doctor said to wait until I was under 225. Last time I boxed I was over 310 and even so my upper body was looking more muscular and in better shape then I do now in the 240's. The doctor is concerned about injury.

I think I may start up the boxing anyway, just to do the weight lifting and training routine and especially the bag work. I just want to get back into the routine and work on the technique of it. Plus I love the atmosphere of the place and the people there. I tore tendons in my left arm last time, this stopped a good deal of what I was doing so I increased my run from 2 miles to 4 miles and that wrecked my knees in about 2 weeks. One injury led to another. I'm in way better shape now though, I'm already running nearly 6 miles a day and I'll stay out of the ring until I'm down to 225. I think I really need this, it'll replace my second run 3 days a week.

My weight has really been bouncing up and down (water weight fluctuations the last few days).

I weighed 249.6 today.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

another hour run

These hour straight runs are really difficult. I had to walk for about 7 minutes towards the end. I'll do it again tomorrow (the long run - hopefully without the walking part). I'm within a pound of as low as I've have been since the start. The recent calorie cutbacks are working again just got to stick with it and be patient.

I weighed 244.4 pounds today.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cross Country is over (for most)

We watched Sarah run for the last time this season yesterday (sectional meet), congratulations to her and the rest of the team on a great season. Special congrats to Kayla (hope I spelled that right) who won the sectionals. She is the 2nd person from the right in the photo. The top ten finishers will compete at the state tournament next Saturday. Kayla is not even in HS yet and this won't even be her first appearance at state. At the age of 13 (last year she took 3rd in the sectional), she's competing against HS kids.

I weighed 246.6 today.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Proposal to Progresso

I'm just about ready to submit a proposal to Progresso soup re: my diet. I could use a little financial help with music acquisition/travel expenses/editing equipment. From a financial standpoint they stand to benefit far more then myself. I just hope they see the potential. That's the job/purpose of the proposal. It seems like everything I do these days is calculated. How can this or that benefit the film? How can this event or that event be tied in? Can I market this or that? How to market it?

Lost to some degree is the art of filmmaking and also the diet itself, the process of losing weight is really not on the forefront of my thought. This is actually a good thing, my weight is dropping again (I've cut back on the calories) and I'm not thinking about it so much. The whole thing is a project and as a project weight loss is just one aspect. It's an independent film project. Typical film projects have large staffs of people who manage and specialize in many arenas that independent filmmakers end up handling for themselves. I'm not complaining about this - the experience is worth the effort.

I weighed 246.6

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cooking demos

I got the idea yesterday to do cooking demos. After all I have created a few original recipes of my own and my weight loss has been fairly significant. Not sure these will go in the movie but I think it could be humorous and worthy of youtube. Keep in mind that many of the demos would be "heating up soup". My daughter Sarah has agreed to be an assistant in the demos. I'l try one this weekend maybe. This would be more promotional for the site and film then valuable to the masses as real cooking demos. Again they will need to be humorous.

I weighed 250 today.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Forgot to dry my clothes (OMG - boring blog)

I got to get back into the routine - I forgot to put my laundry into the dryer last night. I'm just out of it after being away for a few days. One of my friends has suggested that I tape my laundry process for the movie. Every day I get home I go straight to the basement and move laundry from the dryer to a basket from the washer to the dryer and then I load my clothes into the washer and (if all's right in world) I remember to go back down and dry it. It's become a part of the whole routine.

But is it worthy of the big screen? It seems pretty benign. Vernor Herzog once said that film making is a series of banalities. After my dismal performance at the Federal Duck Stamp contest life seems to be a series of banalities.

I weighed 252.4

Monday, October 20, 2008

Start of a final push

Back to work and hopefully back to a tight diet! I'm going to be pushing harder then ever, in theory I could have the last 40 pounds of in two and half months. That's my hope. While on the way back from the federal my daughter Paige suggested that I give up on the duck stamp contest altogether. Not ready to do that yet, but this weekend was pretty depressing. I am going to start to paint some portraits.

I weighed 253.4

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm back

I returned yesterday form the Federal Duck Stamp Competition. I was pretty disappointed in my own pieces performance. Just one in vote, which means I didn't get past the first round. Hopefully I'll do better next year. I gained some weight also - but not as much as I had thought I might. I aloud myself the privilege of not worrying about the diet/weight loss. I did no calorie counting etc. I also thought I'd not be able to exercise at all but as it turned out there was a treadmill in the condo so I was able to keep that routine going. I think that's why my weight didn’t go really high. Tomorrow I'll be right back on it.

I weighed 253.6 today.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Off to the contest

I'll be gone for the next few days so will not be blogging again until Saturday or Sunday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Going to the contest tomorrow

I'll be leaving for the Federal Duck Stamp Competition tomorrow. My daughter Paige will be joining me and shooting some film for the documentary. It should be interesting. She has a piece in the contest also. I've been entering this contest since 1996, every year. I came in 7th place once. I've dreamt of winning this, it's very lucrative, instant national recognition, your art is added to the collection at the Smithsonian, you travel the country for a year attending various events to promote conservation and the stamp program. But oddly enough I don't care much about any of that stuff this year, this year winning it would be great because it would really be good for the film.

It would add an entirely interesting layer to the project. Some of the best documentaries have some sort of twist or unexpected event take place that really adds to the drama. This would really do that. I don't think I'm going to win though. The entries are all published online at I'm predicting that Adam Grims piece with the longtail drake and decoy will win or the Hautman piece with the mallard decoy. Both of these are so well done!

I weighed 248.8 today.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Crashed and burned

My run on Sunday was not good. I felt terrible from the start and only got through about 45 minutes of the hour run. I was fairly glad to come back and have a good run this morning. It's the first time I just felt so bad I couldn't complete the run. I'm not going to try to figure it out. I'm taking three days off work this week. I think I will still come in and do my early run on Wednesday. That way I'll only miss two days. I'm going to be staying at a friends condo complex in St. Paul. The complex has a guest quarters. It's possible that they may have a workout facility. If they do I'll use it.

I weighed 248.9 today.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Better late…

I was helping a freind again, very late to blog, oh well. Did the full 1 hour run again today and will do the same again tomorrow. The gallery open house went quite well last night. Next week I will be headimg to the federal Duck Stamp contest, always great to attend that.

I weighed 246.4 today.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Art & Hors d’Oeuvres

OK - this blog is going to be a shameless invitation to anyone in the South East Minnesota area to come and get some great free eats and drinks. One of the galleries my art is in is having it’s annual fall get together. It's open and free to the public. Most of the artists will be there. There will be much “new art” on display.

SEMVA - Friday - October 10th • 7pm-9pm, 16 First Street SW, Rochester, MN 507-281-492 (in the Galleria Plaza, near Chesters, across from the fountain).

If you see me there and you’ve been reading the blog let me know!

I weighed 243.8 today.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting better

The running is improving. Initially going to 6 miles a day was very difficult, I slowed the pace, but now I'm getting use to it and it's starting to pay off from a conditioning standpoint. I guess that I'm stating the obvious there, it's just that the initial doubling of the workout was quite a shock to the system. Not only physically but it demands a whole new routine. It really needed to be done though as your weight drops you move less mass during any exercise routine. I'm now at 5.8 - 6.0 mph for most of the run, 5.8 use to be the sprint. Just earlier this year my pace was so slow that people walking were passing me. One time one was reading a book as they went by. Now with the faster pace it's starting to feel more like a run then a jog.

I weighed 246.0 today.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The weight loss high

Well, I can't say I didn't eat (I did), but it wasn't due to a lapse of any sort. I didn't get home until 10pm last night (helping a friend with a project). At that point I had only had 200 calories. I felt so good. I couldn't mix and drink 4 shakes that late - I need to do at least that to be at 600 calories. Decided to have a can of Progresso soup 200 calories and a can of Kippered Snacks (fish) 120 calories. I was at 520 for the day.

Cutting back was not hard at all. Just the opposite it felt great. There's a real high to it. I've never used drugs or been drunk but this easily beats the runners high/creating art/caffeine it's like a narcotic. I can easily see why there is a dark side to weight loss. I believe I'm back in ketosis again. The last 6-weeks of additional calories have left me feeling as though I was not focusing (the feeling of ketosis that I was actually burning fat, was just not there). It's back now. I don't know how long I'll stick to this but right now it feels good and I hope I see some fast dropping again.

Another positive - I've got another batch of the HMR vitamins. So with this liquid only lower calorie swing the nutrition should actually improve.

I weighed 248.4 today.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shake it up a bit

I decided that I'm going to try to go back on the liquids only - today. HMR shakes only. I just want to see if I can do it or not (it's not easy). And also my weight loss has stalled for the last 5-6 weeks. I don't know if I'll be able to get through the day, but here again I'm blogging about it and I really hope that come tomorrow I'll be able to say I made it through the first day without eating. The blogging adds the accountability that I believe can make the difference.

So no food today, I'm going to hopefully get a good run at going a few weeks and maybe I'll get the weight dropping again. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

I weighed 249.8 today.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hair loss?

I'd like to think that I'm not so vain as to be concerned about this but that's just not the case (I guess I am that vain). I've noticed some thinning in my hair over the last few weeks. It's odd because it coincides with my increase in both calories and exercise. I'm of course still very conscience about taking the daily supplements. I've had my fair share of nutritional related hair loss. In high school and college I wrestled and cut a lot of weight to be competitive. My hair fell out (quite a bit), but in that case I'd go for days at a time on nothing but crushed ice. Weeks at a time where all I'd eat was a little lettuce. Supplements were out because they make you very ill without any food intake.

Now I'm getting all the nutrition (in theory at least) or does the hair falling out mean that I'm not??? If anyone has any knowledge that goes deeper on this issue I'd love to hear from you. I have been cursed with bad genetics where my weight is concerned - I accept that, but the full head of hair has been one of those positive genetic paybacks. Just a couple years ago Ronan Tynan told me I had the best head of hair he's ever seen on a man, I'd trade the hair for his voice in a second!

Maybe I'm just getting old?

I weighed 249.0 today.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another weekend at work

Just finished the long run again, I got some very boring paper work to deal with today. I've been trying to get some admin junk done for HR regarding my recent hires. They sure have been patient with me. I'd much rather be doing other stuff. It's one of the negatives to climbing too high into management when you are a creative person. Still a dream job with a dream organization.

Again little time to blog.

I weighed 247.8 today.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

did the run all at once

I've got to be brief today! Just got so much to do for the film this weekend. Got the standard photo shoot stuff and I hope to work on some of the scripting and maybe shoot the goals sequence tonight. Plus cut the grass, ugh.

Anyway I normally do 2 runs (almost three miles per) half an hour each. I decided to do both at once. I ran almost 6 miles over a full hour. It wasn't easy, but it does save me shower/trip to gym time. I will do it again tomorrow (going forward this will be my weekend routine).

I love and hate the exercise so much.

I weighed 247.4 today.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sad phone call

Yesterday I received a goodbye call from one of my long time friends/mentors - Craig King, he called to let me know that his doctors were predicting that he had just three days at most. He's been fighting a lung condition that is incurable. Craig has been a great friend and was a great boss (I worked under him 18 years ago) and he has been a valued colleague here at Mayo Clinic as a free-lancer.

He was very upbeat on the phone and said he felt great, mentally and physically. He told me he was hoping for three more weeks. God knows as well as I do that if anyone deserves three more weeks it's Craig. It's hard to lose two mentors in as many months but it's a comfort to know that soon enough Joe and Craig may meet.

I weighed 246.8 pounds today.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the locker room towels

Today, for the first time, I attempted to wrap one of the locker room towels around my waist after my shower. It fit, I could actually wrap it around and tuck one end under the other and it stayed on without any problems. This should have been one of those wonderful little moments, but I had mixed emotions. When I started working out the towel was a good 20 inches short of even touching, let alone wrapping and staying on. I’ve been loosely holding the towel in front of myself.

I have a couple of over weight freinds who asked me about the facility and I said it was great but that the towels are no where near large enough. I've pointed this out a couple of times to the staff when the opportunity presented itself. Not in a complaining sort of way, rather that the smaller towels show a little lack of sensitivity. Many over weight people have body image issues, the smaller towels make it awkward. There aren’t a lot of over weight people working out there, I know the towel issue is keeping one friend away - she told me to tell her when it changes and she’ll sign up.

I don't think having a few larger towels would be a hard thing to do, but managing and sorting and seperating them would be very difficult. I'm guessing that they are going through 100's if not thousands of towels a day. The facility washes and drys and folds them daily. Then what size to get? The current size is 44 inches (one of the trainers told me this when I last pointed out the issue) if you got a 60 inch towel it would be no good to the person needing a 70 inch towel. I'm not saying this is a simple issue to solve but it would be worth the effort. I intend to point out the issue one more time in a more formal manner - perhaps to one of the higher up directors, in a nice letter. The folks working at this place really care, it's all about helping others get healthy - it may seem like a very small issue but it's really not.

I had the towel on like that for just a few seconds and I took it off. If the issue gets addressed in the future I'll wrap it on. It was only a couple of months ago I couldn't even think about these towels fitting me in this manner and I guess I'm feeling I need to have a little solidarity.

I weighed 250.0 today.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cross country today

I believe my daughter has a meet today (a home meet), I'll have to find out and see if I can break away early or not. Not much time to blog today, I still have obligations re: the art show (I need to provide some web images) I will complete this blog tonight.

I weighed 250 today. 

Monday, September 29, 2008

Love songs

I’m going to have to expand my song list to include all the love songs I’ve been so taken with lately. I felt a little funny at first including them on my exercise page (I have a top ten list of the best exercise/running tunes). They are, for the most part, fairly slow paced, but even so I find myself listening to them as I run (more then the up-tempo tunes), it’s only fair since they are inspiring me at the moment and they are on my iPod for that very reason. The list really needs to go beyond ten anyway because I’ll be lucky to get the rights to use any of them. A bigger pool improves my odds + it’s real, I’m listening to them/being inspired by them.

I’ll be going for rights to use them for non-theatrical release, use for film festivals only. I might be able to afford that, i.e. they might be free. If the movie is good enough for anything beyond that then some producer/producers would have to secure the real rights. 

The songs at this point include Picture in a Frame, by Tom Waits, one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. If I Should Fall Behind, Bruce Springsteen, this song really defines “true love”. Come What May, Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman (from one of my favorite movies Moulin Rouge). The opening line says; never knew I could feel like this - like I’ve never seen the sky before” - love it! 

I’m in the planning stages for my next documentary about “true love”. I think this is partially why I’m so into these songs right now. If anyone out there still believes in true love feel free to contact me at, there are many angles to explore. I hope to start shooting for this next spring. 

I weighed 249.8 today.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Best laid plans

It seems the ultimate in poor judgment to be talking about plans (even small expectations) in the context of a blog. Yesterday I was quite confident about accomplishing what were relatively small goals, I got about halfway through at best. If you are blogging daily (I'm pretty close to that) everything you say is subject to cross-reference from something stated earlier. How many times have I failed? How often have I contradicted myself? Worse still how often have I repeated myself? I’ve barely got the time to write these let alone worry about cross-referencing my posts in one-way or another. 

Having said that and with the experience of failing to accomplish something rather easy from yesterdays blog and given I'm no writer, I find myself encouraging others who are trying to lose weight to considering blogging about. I really believe it helps. Let your friends, relatives, co-workers know that you’re blogging. It does add pressure - especially when you are at a family reunion or company get-together, I'm far more conscience of what I’m eating in those settings because what I’m doing is so exposed. The net result; I make better choices, I don't have setbacks and the weight continues to drop. 

I weighed 249.2 today.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Moving forward

Today I’m going to hopefully get caught up on most of the images for the site. I’ll shoot progress photos and a new portrait photo tomorrow and hopefully have the entire site up to date in the morning. I've got a knock off list created on, I need to add 4 more things to that and then - I have to start knocking off the items on the list. The film and what I need to do for it HAVE to start to play a larger role the hours I have during the day. 

I did both of my workouts in quick succession this morning (separated by weight lifting) and instead of doing a second run on the treadmill I did a half hour on the Elliptical. It felt pretty good, very different then the treadmill. 

I weighed 249.6 today. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Getting cold here

It’s starting to get chilly here in the mornings. I’m so not a fan of the cold weather here in MN. My old leather winter jacket fits again. For the last few years I've been wearing nothing more then two light jackets all winter long. Not bad though I think the layering effect actually keeps you warmer anyway. 

I'm really hoping I get back on the 5 lbs. a week track. In theory I want to be down to 244.5 by next Wednesday

Today I weighed 248.3

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feeling good again

The best reward of dieting is losing weight. It’s such a great motivator. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve made any of the weekly goals and I’ve finally moved down one. Seeing a drop again is all the more encouragement to keep up with the new running routine, stick with the calorie limits and just to remain focused. 

The federal duck stamp art competition is coming up in a few weeks. I’m really looking forward to that. It’s being held in St. Paul, Minnesota this year. I’ve got a piece in the competition that’s better then I’ve had in years. Many of the people I know within that realm will be surprised by my my weight loss I'm sure. A couple of them saw me just last March before the weight started dropping. 

I weighed 247.8 today. 


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick Blog!

I’ll be back tonight. I normally do these blogs in the morning before work - but this morning I couldn’t get access to the site. More this evening. I did make it into the 240's last night 249.4. But this morning (as expected) it was up a bit.

It's a little late for me but I'm going to add a little more to this blog. I droped to 248 after the second run. By tomorrow I really should be in the 240's by the early run. The new 800 calorie limit seems to be working. With both runs I'm burning 1050+ calories, taking in only 800 I should see some rapid dropping again.

I will be very thrilled if this gets the rapid results again!

I weighed 250 today.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

240’s by days end

I’ve decided to compromise on the calories (I’m going to go with 800) mostly lean protein and also increase the running to 5.5 miles everyday rather then, two days of 5.5 and the third 2.75. We’ll see what happens. The cut back to 600 worked and last night I did 800. Plus my weight seemed to be doing better on the double runs days - then I’d gain it back on the single run day. I’ve been seeing an additional 2 pound drop with the second run (though I’ve only been reporting the first weigh in amount). If this holds true today I will be in the 240’s later today. It’s been about 20 years since I’ve been at that weight. 

I weighed 250.8 today.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grass cutting day

Always a good workout, cutting the grass, the yard is just too big. I just finished my run and weight lifting and need to shoot some pics for my site. I seem to have no time to do anything lately (how many times have I said that?). Weight went up again, just really seem to be stuck, not going to worry about that any more. 

I'm going to leave here soon enough to film in the jeep on the way back, probably need to talk about the plateau of reached and got stuck on. 

I weighed 256 today.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday workout

Just finished my Saturday workout.  Today is the rare day of the week when the single run and no weight lifting coincide. Makes staying within the 600 calories limit all the more important today. Shouldn't be a problem. I'm working at SEMVA today. That's always fun, but I sure could use the time to get my site and aspects of the documentary moving. 

I weighed 253.6 today.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dropping back to 600

Starting today I’m dropping back to 600 calories, I’ll attempt to make it as much lean meat/protein as I can. I just really need to see some more weight loss. I will continue with the two-a-day workouts though. Should see some loss pretty quickly. 

Trying some new music for my exercise routine, a friend recommended Godsmack (same person who turned me towards Rammstein) it's got a lot of energy - reminds me a little of Throwing Copper. And my daughter made me by a Def Leppard album (Hysteria). I think I can pour some sugar on me while I'm running.

I weighed 254.4 today. 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

An apology to Frito Lay!

I contacted Frito Lay re: what appeared to be  a typo regarding serving size (I blogged about this last month). The difference (this was my mistake) is accounted for by the weight of the hulls vs. the weight of the sunflower seeds themselves. That accounts for what appears to be a difference in the total weight of the product and the serving size which is half the total weight. I'll now be able to go back and adjust my calorie intake for those days I doubled it. Better still, it's good to know that going forward, it's half the calories I thought. 

My compliments also to Frito Lay because the customer service person I talked to was a Certified Nutritionist. I learned quite a bit more about the product and feel like it has been a wise choice in how I spend my calories.

I weighed 254.8 today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Extra skin

The excess skin is really starting to show. Really hope that the surgery to remove it will be covered by my insurance. In the end, if not - I'm not sure that I won't end up looking worse then when I started. One way or another I'll have to find a way to deal with it. 

My run and now double runs have changed a little. I was in a phase of constantly moving the dial faster. With the second run I've stopped that. Happy just to get the second run in. So far I have not missed one. 

I weighed 254.4 today. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick blog again

My weight just keeps hanging around in the 250's, though I’ve seen a little bit of trend towards dropping the last few days. I’ve really got to move into the 240's soon. If I don't see that happen by the end of the week I’m going to start to cut back on the calories (at least to some degree). I'm finding less and less time to blog let alone shoot my film. I did get some good footage at the art show though, that’ll help. 

I weighed 254.2 today.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm back

The art show went well in Lima. Good and interesting crowd. Most notable was Pearl. 

The family reunion was GREAT! Wonderful to see so many of my cousins/aunts/uncles etc. again, got to get back there next year. Double workout today, playing catch-up on work after being out so much to blog about but no time today. 

I weighed 256.6 today.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Off to Ohio

No time to blog - off to the Lima show. Will not be back until next Monday.

May blog if I can access a pc will out. 

I weighed 258.8 today. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Missed blogging

I missed 2 days of blogging in a row - that’s a first I think. I was up to 257 yesterday so the weight keeps going up with the new approach - but did drop today to 255.8. I hope that represents a new phase of the weight dropping. I do feel better, stronger (despite the cold), I think the leaner meats/higher protein/weight lifting is having a very positive affect.

I’m stopping the double workouts for this week, at the suggestion of my personal running advisor (PRA)/daughters cross country coach. I'll be doing just one run in the morning plus the weight lifting every other day. Since I’ll be going to the show opening in Lima Ohio and staying for the weekend I'll also be taking a few days off in a row - altogether. Also something the PRA thought would be wise at this point. Then back on Monday to the routine. 

I was so busy prepping the last details and packing the last of the art for the show - that’s why I couldn’t blog for the last two days. Glad that’s all done.

I weighed 255.8 today. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

In on the weekend again

Wasn't thinking I'd be here but the work just kept mounting during the week. I'm here on the weekends now for the running anyway so it seems slightly less of a hassle. Today’s a double run and and right now I don't feel up to it. I've had a head cold/sore throat. I just got back from the first run so I suppose I may feel different later today. Feeling burned out by the whole process. I hate to admit that - I don't want to be discouraging, the good thing is I've come way too far to even think about stopping in any way. It's a fairly safe time to be feeling burned out.  

I think this is as much from prepping for the art show in Lima as the diet and exercise routine. I'll be doing more art prep this weekend too. Looks like I can make a final shipment on Monday. At this point I'm planning to go to the opening of the show.

Today I weighed 254.2. 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Weight going up

I have been ill today. Started getting a sore throat yesterday. I felt nauseous during the morning run. I read the bottle of Zicam later and it did say to only take on a full stomach (that's not an option for me). Anyway felt a little better during the evening run and weight lifting - just finished that. 

My weight is starting to go up just a bit - I have increased my calorie intake by adding 300-400 calories of protein (lean meat) a day. My doctor said this will cause a slight increase in my weight but that it will also cause a increase in the muscle mass. That will, in turn, increase the standing calorie burn - long run, I will see a faster increase of weight loss do to the increased muscle gain. He also said I'd have to trust him on this. I am. We'll see how it goes.

I weighed 254.6 today.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Last night to prep for the show

I was hoping to get out of here early today. That's looking less and less likely. Tonight, as much as I can get framed and packaged up is as much as I will have in the Lima art show. I was tempted not to do the second workout yesterday but did it anyway. Lots of Kudos today at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. They are celebrating their first year anniversary today. That's the name of my companies workout facility. Dan Abraham is an amazing person, he donated the funds to build this incredible facility. I hope to meet him and to thank him personally at some point. 

Congrats to all at the DAHLC as you celebrate today and a very heartfelt thank you from me for all you've done!

I weighed 253.4 today. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

made last weeks goal

Increasing the run to 5 miles seems to have helped me to get past the first plateau, I'm thankful for that, but the extra time involved is really taking a toll on everything else. I made last weeks goal with todays weigh-in. Glad for that too. I'm 1.1 pounds ahead, so if I were to lose 8.9 pounds by next Wednesday I'd be back on track. I'm just thinking out-loud, it's not my intent to drop that much this next week, I'm quite content to be back to 5 lbs. a week. 

I was so tired last night I couldn't get any more of the framing done for the show in Lima Ohio. I can't allow that to happen tonight. My brother told me yesterday that there will be a family reunion in Ohio the weekend that I'm in Ohio for the show. It would mean staying over for one more day but for all the travel involved it might be worth it. I'm thinking about it, it might be really cool to interview some of those folks. They are really great people. Don't know how that fits into the film.  

I weighed 253.4

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trying to keep up

Can't seem to manage to keep up with everything. I'm starting to think that maybe having the film done by December isn't going to be possible. Good run this morning I'm going at 5.5 for most of the run, will have a second run and a weight lifting working tonight. Then back home to prep and pack-up more art for the show. 

I weighed 257.2 today.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Interesting 40lbs

Just one quick note this morning - when I met with my new doctor last week I asked him about excess skin by the time I'm down to my goal weight, it was towards the end of our mtg. He quickly replied there will be about 40lbs. but don't worry we’ll get you with a surgeon and they'll take care of it. 

I was walking out at the time and what he had said didn't really hit me until after I had left. 40lbs.? That seems like a lot, could he have said 4 and I just didn't hear him right? A friend of mine had GBS a few years ago so I asked him if it could have been 40 and my friend said 40 would be right. Since I have 89 pounds to go to be down 200 does that mean I only have 49lbs to lose? That could be done in as little as 10 weeks. Interesting. 

He also doesn't want me to start boxing again when I break the 250 mark - he wants me to weigh until I'm down to 225 or less. He's concerned about injury that might derail what I'm doing, I can appreciate that. 

I weighed 257.8 today

Saturday, August 30, 2008

What’s up Frito Lay?

I’m a little ticked at the Frito Lay company right now I’m going to copy them with this info. I have been enjoying their sunflower seeds for the last couple of months or so. They have a few different flavors and the I’ve been buying the smaller pack that has 190 calories per serving and for which the packaging states there is one serving per bag. I like this because I have an inclination toward 200 calorie or so items. Plus they are difficult and slow to eat, it takes me all day long to eat one pack. It’s great because they taste great and it feels like you are eating all day long. They are very high in calories and fat though, but this is the best kind of fat. Pretty much my only source.

My new Doctor wants me to journal all the food I’m eating on line at You can custom upload all the calories and or nutritional info yourself or select from fitday's options. It’s a lot quicker to use what fitday has already established and they appear to be quite accurate. When I went to use the fitday numbers I noticed that their seeds were nearly twice the amount of the Frito Lay packaging. Upon closer inspection it became clear that there is a typo on the Frito Lay label. Look at the scan to the right.

So instead of eating 190 calories a day (I have these everyday) I have been eating 380 calories. When you are on a 600-800 calorie a day diet that’s a huge shift in the wrong direction. I wonder how much of an effect this has really had. I hope they fix this quickly - I’m going to keep eating them, but half as much going forward.  

I weighed 256.7 today.  

Friday, August 29, 2008

missed blogging yesterday - down 110+

I couldn't blog yesterday because I lost the little time after my workout - meeting with a new doctor who will be helping me the rest of the way through my weight loss process. I have very little time this morning to blog also because I had to get another blood draw this morning. The meeting with my new doctor went great! He's very supportive and I think that while I have already lost a lot of weight what he brings at this juncture is exactly what I need. He's helped 100's of folks through this and has dealt with his own weight issues so I feel like I've found someone who knows what he's talking about and has real experience. More about that tomorrow. 

The double workouts are working well. 

I weighed 257.4 today

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Weigh in day

Got to be quick today - trying to get stuff prepped for the art show in Lima with every free second - I'll likely only do a half day today. Sadly made up little ground from being behind last week. I'm actually only to last weeks goal, now a full week behind goal. 

On a positive note I'm back into the 250's, I only just started into the 5 mile runs (I'm sure this will help to break the slow down) and I had a nice drop from yesterday.

Today I weighed 259.4.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New routine

I did my first second run yesterday. It felt pretty good. I'm now going to be doing 2 a day workouts (7 days a week) not sure how I'll handle that on the weekends. I was doing this every other day because I had started to lift weights, but the weight lifting is quite easy compared to the running. I'm not going to do a full 1/2 hour in the evening with respect to the run though - instead I’ll stop at 5 miles total for the day. I’ll still lift weights every other day (that will be tonight).  

This means I'm through with attending my weight group, I'll have to let them know. Because I have clearly reached a plateau and much of what I learned at the group related to dealing with such situations I'm sure they'll understand and be supportive. I just don't have time to attend and then do the second workout. 

I weighed 262.2 today. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Up 3.4 pounds

What a disappointment, hard to believe. I was expecting a drop and instead a 3.4 gain. I noticed people kept getting on and off the scale to re-weigh in, I did this myself. They may have calibrated the scales. I may check into that. I won't be going to my weight group tonight though, instead I'm going to do another 2.75 miles on the treadmill. Just in case the scale is right. I'm planning to go back into the boxing once I'm below 250 anyway and that will be 3 nights a week, double work out days (in addition to the weight lifting). 

I guess it all makes sense because I seem to have stalled on the pace. My calories are low enough so I really can't cut back there - but I can increase the exercise. 

I weighed 263.6 today. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good workout

I continue to push myself on the treadmill; I'm now starting at 5.4 mph and moving to 5.5 after about 4-5 minutes. 5.5 represents a bit of a plateau for me. Hard to believe I'm almost there. There was a time when my sprint for the last 40 seconds was well below that. Shouldn't be surprised though, I've lost a lot of weight and the exercise keeps getting easier. 

I worked on my website most of the day yesterday and have more to do on that today. I really need to get my art/design site redesigned, Kelli (my wife) wants a site for her art and  jewelry, just so much to do.

I can't be here all day today either as I have to get stuff prepped for the art show in Lima. We'll be shooting video there for the down200 film and there's a really bad echo in the gallery. I don't anticipate getting great sound. The gallery itself is beautiful and quite large. It can be seen at The website is ugly (I need to redesign their site too), but the gallery space is great. This will be the first time I will be shooting in public, I need to find out if I need to get permissions signed from everyone or not. I hate when they blur peoples faces out. Maybe I'll offer a LE Print to anyone who will sign the release forms. Better look into that. Since this is a public event maybe I don't need to. I'll pose the question at the DVX user group.  

I weighed 260.2 today. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Much better day yesterday with respect to self-control. I ended up with 385 calories for the day. That's a little low for me actually but it sure beats going over. I dropped 2.2 pounds; I'm now at 260.4. This gives me a bit of confidence that I'll get back on track and make it to my goal of 254.5 by next Wednesday. About 6 pounds over. The key to yesterday was that I didn't eat when I got home. We went out to dinner at Chester’s last night (great new restaurant in Rochester MN), I didn't eat there either; by the time we got home I just went to bed. I'm going to try to take my calories while I'm at work rather then while I'm at home. Just too tempting and too easy to go over-board there. I'll give it a try for the rest of this week and see how it goes.

So - new rule; no eating while at home.   

I weighed 260.4 today.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting art prepped to ship

Still maintaining too busy a schedule. I went to bed at 12:30 last night. I ordered frames for 7 more art pieces and I've got another 20 plus already framed I'm getting ready to ship. I was really tired getting up for my run this morning (I get up at 5:00AM). It's going to really be hard if I can't get more sleep then that. That may be the case for the next week or two though. I've got to write a CV for the show so I can't blog much today. 

Today I weighed 262.6

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Bad day yesterday. Missed the goal and gained some weight. Over ate last night/yesterday the previous day also. A few days ago I committed to a real effort to begin again. I did really well that first day and then lost it. Yesterday I probably had over 1200 calories. Enough of that though. I'm starting from scratch today - back to liquids only. I weighed 262.8 this morning - gained a pound from yesterday, still haven't made yesterdays goal (259.5) - and I'm now 8.3 pounds over for next Wednesday’s goal. Again I really need to rededicate myself to effort. 

I'm lucky my weight didn't go any higher.

I weighed 262.8 today. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Didn't make it - yet

I'm sadly well short of the goal weigh-in for today. I weighed 261.8 and should have been at 259.5. I broke one of my own rules yesterday - I ate something without knowing how many calories were in it. My wife and I got out to see a movie and I had a little popcorn. I probably had a little more then a cup and a half. Yes it had butter topping. I'm guessing at this point that I'm retaining water as a result. I do have my weight lifting workout tonight so I will have one more opportunity to weigh-in tonight. I'm going to have water only today (no pop) and see if that makes any difference. I usually go up in weight by the end of the day not down - so I'm not counting on the weigh-in number changing by days end - but who knows. 

If it doesn't drop this will be the third time I have not made the goal. I've gotten back on track before and will just have to do it again. 

I weighed 261.8 today. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Need to start some new art

Last night I got real sick. It was a weight lifting night and I had just got out of the hot tub when I started feeling nauseous. Driving home I felt like I had been driving for 8 hours, just exhausted and nauseous. I feel better today and just finished my run. Pushed the MPH to 5.3 - 5.4. My right foot has gone from numb, to cramping to just hurting all the time. It's disappointing to lose a fair amount of weight without too much difficulty and to now be developing an injury of sorts. 

Work's been rough. I need to start a new piece of art soon before I start to get depressed. There's a line in Jungleland that says; “barefoot girl sitting on the hood of a Dodge, drinking warm beer in the soft summer rain”, Springsteen is a god. I want to do a painting of this line. I need to find a mid 70's Dodge and someone willing to let me shoot the reference. One of my daughters could model. I actually have beer cans from the era. Got to start searching for the car. I'll put an ad in my companies classifieds today. 

I'm 2.5 pounds over for tomorrows weigh-in. I'll cut back a little today and should make the goal. It'll be good to be in the 250's again. 

I weighed 262.0 today.  

Monday, August 18, 2008

Good weekend

Not enough time to get things done this weekend - but still, can't complain. I shot both the photography I needed for work and some more video for the film. My weight  seems to have hit upon a stall of sorts. I still have a couple of days to make goal and I'm hoping I see a pretty dramatic drop tomorrow and the next. It's happened many times so far. 

Not much time to blog this morning, not much to say either so that works out well!

I weighed 264.4 today.  

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shooting almonds

Today will need to be about figuring out what doesn't need to be done. Last night I came to the realization that going to bed a 9:00 to be able to get up at 5:00 am (for the exercise) needs to stop. I'll still get up at 5:00 I just need to start staying up later. Just not getting enough done. 

Today I have to reshoot the almonds for my employers food pyramid - everything else I shot worked out well. I need to reshoot some of the sequences from my down 100 pounds shoot of last weekend, get the frames figured out and ordered for the upcoming art show and finish cutting the grass. Better go shoot the almonds.

I weighed 264.2 today. 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weight up?

My weight has gone up a bit everyday since making my goal on Wednesday. I think it's time to really kick this into gear again. I've been over my calorie limits for the last three days in row (shame on me). I'm going to jump back to liquids only for at least a few days (and no more then 400 calories), maybe longer then a few days – self-imposed penalty. When I reached the 300-pound mark one of my friends said I really needed to keep pushing forward and keep my focus up. He knew I was at a point at which I could easily fail (having done so at that point about 5 years ago). I'm approaching dropping into the 250's, I should be there by next Wednesday. I can't allow myself to come up short of that goal. 

I have not been in the 250's in about 13-14 years. Everyone has been saying that the rate of weight loss I've been achieving will slow eventually, maybe so, but not this week. In fact I will not accept a slowing in the rate for the next 7 weeks. That'll put me back into the 220's. I'm not throwing in the towel after that either, I hope that the rate of weight loss remains the same till I'm down to 167.8. With everyone telling me my expectations are way too high (some being experts) I'm preparing myself mentally for the inevitable slow down, but at the same time I feel like this is sort of new territory. 

Maybe it'll be a miracle if the rate of loss remains the same throughout, but I weighed close to 370 pounds in March of this year, I was running a 17 minute mile and needed a step to be able to reach my feet to tie my shoes. I'm now in the 260's, running an 11 minute mile and able to bend over to tie my shoes. Minor miracles maybe, but the confidence in what I'm doing keeps growing. 

I weighed 265.8 today.