Thursday, April 30, 2009

into the new routine

It's been a challange with the new boxing routine under way but it's starting to work out OK. The boxing part is great, I can already feel big improvements in my upper body, muscle and conditioning. The tougher part of this is the 3 mile run. I have traded the evening's 6.3 mile treadmill run for a real 3 mile on the gravel road run by my home. At the end of the 2nd attempt I had fairly severe pain in both knees (didn't last long). That carried over to the mornings treadmill and by the 4th run I could hardly walk for the pain in my left ankle. I took off two days of the real run (3 mile evening) and that seems to have resolved all "pain" issues...

So I'm now running 9.3 miles a day + the boxing routine.

One of my good friends (and relatives) suggested I might need new shoes. I think she's right. The New Balance pair I have now is less then a year old but already have thousands of miles on them and they are ripping open in the toes and sides. This is pretty normal for me (wide feet) but now that I'm back on the gravel roads I'm being forced to stop several times to pull stones out of my shoes as I'm running (that's not good!) - so a new pair of running shoes seems necessary now!

I weighed 208.8 today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

sore today

i started the boxing routine a little last night and I'm feeling sore! i ran outside again too - hope that becomes the routine going forward. the first three miles (saturday) took 39 minutes - last night was 33 minutes.

anyway i've come to realize that there is a way to "live big" i'm now considering, actually i've decided already. i'm going to make a live liver donation. i'm doing some research on it now - and it seems doable - not as crazy as it sounds.

i weighed 209.2 today.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

boxing starts

yesterday I finally started with the training for the boxing routine. at least i did the running. that may sound a little odd given how much i have already been running on the treadmill, but i have been pretty apprehensive about returning to what i call "real running". it went really well, last time i ran on the hills near my home I was a good 125 lb. heavier. everything from the uphill climbs to the pounding was no problem. i did 3 miles in 39 minutes. that's much slower then the pace on the treadmill - but i have a feeling i will really see that time drop quickly as this becomes more of my routine.

i weighed 209.4 today

Friday, April 17, 2009

Live Big

as my body fell to the ground
illusions of limitations fell as well
so in an effort to see more clearly
i removed the logs from my eyes
and wrote a list of some things I now realize,
that we all need to realize

1. the worlds a mess and you know it
2. you can and should do something to make it better
3. what you do will make a difference
4. what's stopping you? do something

live big

i weighed 208.4 today.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gone for awhile there

I'm back - it's been quite a busy week - I just haven't had time to blog or do little else. I'm putting some real hours into an upcoming art show (new art) and also something big for the summer. Both have taken a high priority for me these last couple weeks. I continue with the running and my weight has pretty much stayed steady. I've been in the maintenance phase now for better then a month. I did finally get a letter off to my doc again in an effort to get a couple of surgeries done prior to the "big event" of the summer!

I weighed 207.3 today.