Sunday, July 12, 2009

my last blog for awhile

There is so much to do right now in preparing to leave for Africa that I'm fairly confident I will not get it all done but hopefully all the bigger more important things will be completed. I will pack today - for the most part at least I intend to have all my carry-on stuff packed. This is such a challenge because I need to get all the necessary equipment for shooting an entire full-length documentary into one small carry-on size back pack and a laptop bag. I will also wear a photographers vest on to the plane and it will be packed full as will most of my pockets! (thanks for the loan of the vest Brian - and all the other items!).

I'm also bringing to stowed bags as Dick Blick sent some art supplies for the Kids and I will need to bring that along. I will also try to get out and pick them up some stuff myself. Not sure what yet but something fun - it's a challenge because there are over 70 kids.

So this is the last of my blogs for awhile - a month or more (unless I can get internet there). Actually I'll be so thankful just to get electricity to keep the equipment charged and working. Soon I will start a blog about the new documentary film I'm starting and also much about my experience in Kenya.

I weighed 215.2 toady.

Friday, July 3, 2009

11 Days till I leave for Africa

Today my backpack arrived, it appeared too big for carry-on and yet when I started packing it it seemed too small for my needs. It's not to big for carry on I checked the specs in advance. It may well be too small for my needs I will adjust my needs accordingly. I will also pack a laptop bag for carry-on and it will be holding more then just a laptop also my friend is sending a 12 pocket vest - I'll fill that too. I'll keep an eye on the total weight limits as well.

I also received my 3rd P2 Card today It's a 64 Gig card - I'll be able to shoot about 60 minutes of video at 24 fps wide screen Hi-Def. It's as good as it gets. I have two other P2 Cards each at 16 GIGs each. This gives me about an hour and half of shooting. I think I need one more 64 GIG card - they're expensive. If I get that then the cost of the media will have superseded the cost of the camera. Oh well...

My friend Jarka is already in Kenya. She arrived about a week ago - her luggage was lost in Cairo. Please pray that it will be found and returned soon. Not only is this a tremendous inconvenience but her anti Malaria meds were in the bag.

I weighed 218 today.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

good run + i'm going to Africa

Finally had all the little pains gone - it's been awhile for that. I really enjoyed the run for a change :)

In just 13 days I leave for Molo, Kenya. I'm volunteering at the Chazen Children's Centre orphanage. It's a fairly new organization in an area that has seen a fair share of tribal warfare recently. My role as volunteer is rather complex. I will be meeting with the directors (Lucy and Samuel) to gather information about their vision for CCC and to assist them in developing a brand/website/presence with the goal of attracting International Volunteers to help establish a sustainable and growing operation. This is in conjunction with a second documentary film I'm currently making about the concept of 'International Volunteering". It's a beautiful concept. The idea is for people who have a heart for volunteering to join these organizations for typically 2-3 months, while paying a small room and board fee - typically between $70-$90 a week. This money goes so far in Africa and can often be the main means of support for these organizations. The volunteers benefit by being completely immersed in the culture and in the lives of these children. The living is hard for most and the experience typically has a profound effect on the volunteers. Many have said Africa changes you.

I will also be afforded the opportunity to teach the kids art. I requested a donation of art supplies from Dick Blick, they will be shipping me a box of supplies this week. I really appreciate this generosity - I'm running up so much debt and was already planing to try to buy art supplies for 75+ kids in Nairobi. Hallmark/Crayola are currently also considering making a donation. I hope I can get some serious quantities of crayons :) according to a volunteer currently at Chasen, the crayons available in Kenya are not very good!

More to come on Africa - that's for sure!

I weighed 218.4 today.