Sunday, February 28, 2010

i was a little disappointed

yesterday i got back to the abraham center to weigh myself for the first time since going in for emergency surgery on a hernia. that was on a wednesday and the tuesday prior i had eaton almost nothing. of course through out the surgery and initial recovery i ate a few packs of crackers and one piece of toast. just felt too nauseous to eat anything. i have heard that people typically lose a lot of weight due to surgery but i only lost 4 lbs. this was such a huge disappointment - it felt like i had lost much more.

to make matters far worse i will not be able to run for the next 2-3 weeks. i was just starting to prepare myself to return to the two a day workouts and now it'll be no workouts. hopefully i will be able to finish the final tasks for the Chazon web site and a few other tasks related to that. i'll have more time now.

i weighed 248.2 yesterday.