Monday, July 19, 2010

confession :)

i have been avoiding blogging as my struggles to get the weight off continue. the struggle is just to get back into the pre-africa habits. i know what i need to do and it's just a matter of getting through the first hard week - after that it's easy. but this has really been an eye opener for me. the first time i had success with this approach i stuck with it for 3 months and lost 85 pounds - then went off for just one weekend and it took like 6-7 years off trying to get back on it. i stayed with it a lot longer this last time, met my goals and have now gained back 40 + pounds.

i'm trying again today, got through most of three days a few weeks ago and fell off, the eye opener is just how difficult it is to get going. i can't take that for granted any longer.

on a positive note i got a lot done on the melon website this weekend! it'll go live soon! at least in beta form.

i weighed 253.8 today.