Monday, February 13, 2012


made goal again - that's a good thing huh? i've lost 40 lbs. in the last 7 weeks, i need to get to 253 by next tuesday... i'll be halfway there.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I find myself without my glasses and no access to them so I really can't work (I was going to continue working on the animations for my film). Might as well do a down200 post instead, I'm way behind on posting. It's going well, I had about 5-6 bad days (where I cheated the diet) and they have essentially put me off target by one week. But at least i know why I'm off. Yesterday I weighed 263 (so I made me goal). The next stop is 258.2. It's working just as expected. 5 pounds a week despite the entire absence of exercise. I was down 35 pounds as of yesterday. it's been 6 weeks on the diet.

I'm on it now... this is way better then last summer, I did lose almost 30 but it was tenuous, never really on it - constantly cheating, not this time. I'm on it with very little temptation and very little cheating. the cheating has been a bag of baby carrots or a little extra soup, not the fall apart sort of cheating as last summer. It's now just a waiting game - a matter of time... and not a lot of time either, if the 5 a week sticks then just 2 months and 2 weeks, and I'll be back to my pre-Africa weight. :)