Thursday, May 28, 2009

another poem?

Ok it's been a while since I shared any of my poems.

Yesterday I didn't take my own advice and slow down a bit and ended up pulling my leg muscle again - not to the same extent because I knew to stop right away. Good thing is though it happened at the very end of the run. Today I actually did slow it down quite bit and that helped. Just a little pain. Will run at home and box tonight.

I weighed 215.2 today.

Here's the poem:

fierce love

fierce love fierce love
scrub your hands sterile slip on a glove
rib spreaders pierce your side
and let out the love

fierce love fierce love
your pillows made of rock, dream of
something precious, so precious
tugs on pant legs and gentle shoves

offer up, offer up
flesh, who cares? shoot it up!
love’s a drug fierce love’s heroin
and the highest high is from on high

barbed wire barbed wire
tightly bind our hearts together
let our blood flow as one
true love, fierce love, red blood

bleed you, bleed me
embrace the insecurity
each recklessly overcompensating
we'll strive to be worthy one to the other

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

new pb

I have been blogging less and less- it's just that lately the only thing I can really discuss is the exercise routine (that's got to be boring). I can at least say, quite happily, that I have fully recovered from the muscle pull. in fact I have had a personal best time now for several days in a row. Just before the injury I had moved into the 7.07-7.08. Then Friday I pushed a little harder and got a 7.11, Sunday 7.14 - day off on Memorial Day (Monday) and then this morning 7.37 miles in an hour. I'll likely drop the pace a little tomorrow as I don't want another injury - but I feel I'm solidly in the 7's going forward.

I've alluded to big plans for the summer - and blogged that they fell through - well they are on again! I'm so happy. Again I will likely go into more detail about this when I get back. Mean while I'm now inline for guitar lessons which is great - I'm going to start electric.

Also I met with my good friend Daniel again today - he's a homeless man (by choice) and is writing his first novel. I have immense respect for him actually and confidence he will succeed. He shared with me today that if his book is a success he plans to invest money in Micro loans to third world countries. Didn't surprise me to hear that at all - His spirit shines through! Also Daniel now has access to a plane and will teach me to fly this summer. It's an ultra light, lesson will begin as soon as the plane has been re skinned. Sometime this summer.

I weighed 215.9 today.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

pulled a muscle

It happened yesterday - Saturday. After running 7 + miles (in less then an hour) for two days in a row, I went ahead and tried for three in a row. Recently, as I have continued to increase my MPH's as soon as I reached a new plateau I would immediately back off and take a week or so to slowly work up again to the new level - not this time though (that was a big mistake). After just a couple of minutes of running my left leg started to hurt behind the knee - I noticed it and thought OK it's not too bad I can handle that. After about ten minutes I increased the speed and it hurt all the worse so I jumped off the treadmill (to the sides) and massaged the leg and that seemed to help. I then pushed the speed to 7.9 - (keep in mind that 8.1 has been my last 40 second sprint speed) with just a little more then 20 minutes into the run I felt a terribly sharp pain shoot through the same area. I jumped off again and tried to massage it again but it didn't work.

Thought maybe if I slowed the belt down I might be able to keep running (no that was crazy thinking) as soon as I started running again it was killing me again... so I had to quit - this is the shortest run yet - a little over 22 minutes. I could barely walk after. I thought for sure I'd not be able to run today - but I did. The leg was still hurting, but not nearly so bad and I only ran 5 miles in the hour - that was a really slow pace. But I got through it just fine. I am now and will continue to ice my leg - it's feeling a lot better already.

I weighed 214.8 today.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

going in for a run soon

I'm at home right now - using the dial-up connection to do my blog. I will go in for my run soon and then back home to cut the grass. Yesterday's run was another 7.08 miles. It was great to do it again and it really wasn't so hard. I've been in the 6.4-6.6 miles for so long and then I just pushed it - for no real reason.

It really struck me that we're all probably capable of far more then we realize all we need to do is push ourselves beyond what we are comfortable with. Not just exercise either.

I weighed 210.2 today.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

up early this morning

No excuse not to blog this morning as my daughter couldn't sleep and since my alarm was going to go off in an hour anyway I decided I might as well head in early so my alarm wouldn't wake her (if she should fall asleep). I had my best run yet - I actually broke the 7 mile mark (11.39 KM) in an hour. I ran 7.08 mies - it felt great. I have also been running at home in the evenings and that has been going pretty well. And I've been keeping up with the boxing routine.

I'm going to be moving my website onto my laptop for updates. I'm hoping this will result in an improved updating habit for my blog! I've been terrible as of late. Really there has not been too much to report - my big plans for the film and a second doc. fell through a couple days ago - and I'm hoping to change that. We'll see what happens in the next day or two.

I weighed 209.4 today.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

shooting today

I'm in the studio today - it'll be my first studio shooting for my film (I've done lots of this for Mayo) - it'll be fun - I need to establish the look and feel for all the interviews - I'm hoping to have a lot of white - I'l test the limits of this little camera for sure. I had a great run yesterday and a bad one this morning - did the whole crash and burn thing again. Just go completely weak. I thought I had this figured out - that it might relate to having too much sugar right before the run - but I had none this morning at all. It hit about 15 minutes into an hour run. I stopped and took about 5 minutes rest and came back walking for about ten minutes and then recovered to finish the run. That was a good thing.

I weighed 209.2 today.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I have been quite remiss in getting myself shot running on the treadmill at the DAHLC. I was just hesitant to even ask and it took a little bit of an approval process - but today I finally got it done. It was a really good run and Jay Koski shot and a public retaliations official stood nearby (to help if folks had questions about what was going on) she was quite helpful.

I'm glad this is out of the way (at least for now) if I get the excess skin surgery I hope to shoot maybe one more time at the DAHLC. As of February 25th I have basically been in a maintenance mode. I was down to 207.4 then - today I weighed in at 208 even. I'm thinking of dropping into the 190's - I guess I'm getting a little bored with the maintenance phase.

I weighed 208 today.